19. december 2014

Wormholes does not exist

Just to be clear; wormholes, as a thing, is a result of theoretical calculations, allowing them to exist. The existence of wormholes might also "help" some calculations make sense. So it is a mutual relationship between the calculations and the idea of a wormhole.

In reality though, wormholes does not exist, and by any means does not make sense.

However "wormholes" can be something else, and therefore exist anyway - as something else than a portal to another time and place.

More on that subject on a later time.

Singularity (In terms of intelligence)

Speaking of singularity, in terms of intelligent beings, is the point in time where the being has designed and produced another "artificial" being that can evolve by itself and become more intelligent on its own.

So I guess for rocks and dirt, that point in time was when the first simple organic compounds was produced by the, up until then, all ruling rocks and dirt.

More on that subject on a later time.

16. december 2014

If Einstein was alive and well, he would reiterate

All I'm going to say at the moment is; What he meant was "processes" will slow down/speed up under the influence of gravity and velocity.

Time it-self is not relative. Time is absolutely absolute and completely immeasurable. If it is One'o'clock in Kansas it is One'o'clock inside V4641 Sgr, One'o'clock in the "empty" space outside our universe.

More on that subject on a later time.